Bee’s Keys

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Bee’s Keys

Bee's Keys has been servicing North Texas since 1950 and Complete Security Service/Industrial Safe & Lock has been servicing North Texas since 1947. Built on a reputation of integrity, professionalism, and outstanding customer service, we strive to earn your business every day.

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5 Star Rated


Nov 16, 2018

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-Any Random Name

5 Star Rated


Oct 26, 2018

A place that still makes keys for cars made before 2000. Can't get them at Home Depot anymore. Reasonably priced.

-Beth F.

4 Star Rated


Oct 16, 2018

Great lock shop and has been for decades!

-Gary Dittrich

5 Star Rated


Oct 12, 2018

Got two duplicated keys here today but none of them works.  As I look closely at the duplicated keys they are obviously larger than the original key.

-Haoliang C.

5 Star Rated


Sep 1, 2018

I highly recommend these guys! We need to keep local places like this in business!Very happy to find a real locksmith that operates from a retail store and doesn't just prey on people that get locked out of their cars/home or just need replacement car keys. These people know locks and know keys....they sell safes and do everything one normally thinks about when needing a locksmith. I bought 2 used portable storage/file cabinets to donate to a school for roaming teachers to use when going classroom to classroom. The only problem was there were 8 locks and we only had a key that worked on 2 of them. The furniture was from a custom shop in Sweden and not easy/cheap to order replacement keys. Bees Keys had me just leave the cabinets with them and while I was out of town for a week they worked on them and were able to rekey all of the locks to match the one key that we had. They did the work for a really fair price and already ordered some extra key blanks that are hard to find expecting that we would want more....and we did. NICE!!I've worked around locksmiths in my profession for years and have done business with other service industry shops of one kind or another. They don't have an all-new shiny shop that doesn't show any signs of work....they clearly work in their profession and from my experience they do a great job. They even helped me unload / load our cabinets from / into my truck. I could not have paid someone to take my cabinets there for me and bring them back for the price they charged me to do all the work.

-Brian N.

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