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HVAC Expert Inc is your best solution of any HVAC technology installation or service! We are installing technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort in your home. Our goal is to provide the best indoor air quality!

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5 Star Rated


Sep 15, 2018

This place is just absolutely fantastic! I called them in order to get a quote for a new heater installation since winter will be arriving soon. The repairman who came over to check my space out told me my options clearly and was very very helpful. Super glad I came here and the price was just right!

-Jennifer Z.

5 Star Rated


Nov 20, 2015

One of the best contractors I've dealt with. We had a problem with airflow speed and a friend of mine referred NYC HVAC Experts. I called them and we had a technician knocking on our door in about 30 minutes. After a checkup we learned that we had faulty indoor blower motor. For a very reasonable price, Alex installed new motor and the system started working as well as it used to work before. I highly recommend NYC HVAC Experts, they are my HVAC issues "go to" guys.

-Felix Taylor

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