Demar Plumbing Corporation

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Demar Plumbing Corporation

Demar began as a small, family owned company, providing plumbing services to the NYC area. Through the Founder’s hard work and commitment to providing the highest level of quality, our reputation flourished.

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1 Star Rated

Very Poor

Sep 26, 2018

Terrible!! Made a leak under the kitchen sink and left!! On 9/20 the company plumber arrived to tighten one pipe connection that was loose and after touching adiffrent pipe he made It leak!! left to get something in the local store and after didn’t find the piece in one place just left!! And left us with a leaking kitchen sink that wasn’t leaking before he touched it! The company call and said that he had to go to another job!! they can send someone on Monday!! In 4 days!!! Unbelievable...

-Irit Ben-Harosh

5 Star Rated


Aug 17, 2018

Wow! I can't say enough good things! Today the nicest sweet guys showed up to help us with our ceiling leaking. Vojtk was so patient and honestly such a pleasure to work with. Even with all the obstacles that came with working in the apartment And dealing with the neighbors and access to other floors! I would recommend these plumbers to all my family and friends! Trust worthy sweet great guys!

-Anna J.

5 Star Rated


Jul 12, 2018

The apartment air conditioning had been on the blink and after many stinking hot days and nights, these guys came for an urgent call out and fixed the problem in an hour. I can't speak to their billing as the apartment owner is paying the bill (urgent call outs are about $250ph), but the two guys who came were fabulous. They were professional, knew their stuff and explained everything. Would definitely use them again if we had another problem.

-Lana E.

5 Star Rated


Jun 26, 2018

EXCELLENT COMPANY Have used Demar for many years, there service is great, and technicians are friends. Don’t be fooled by the negative reviews, if you don’t pay your bills they are kind enough to bring you to court rather than giving the Invoice to a collection agency who makes your life miserable. I’m a resident manager at a building and what I noticed the people who have too much money feel entitled in which they think its ok not to pay their bills. People its Manhattan every time you pick up the phone to call for service they spent money on gas, insurance, parking tickets to come to you and to service you, just because they are plumbers dose not mean they can’t charge fair wages. If you don’t want to pay get your hands dirty and do it yourself, they are defiantly not a sucker to get fooled. I give them the up most respect for the hard work they perform and the treatment I receive is fantastic. If you treat them wrong from the day you make the call and be a bragging, entitled and with an attitude don’t expect them or anyone to be nice to you. Whenever I called and felt a bill was too high they always accommodate me, when I called on a emergency at 11PM at night they arrived in an hour, when one of the apartments had a leak they came in and fixed it without any issues. I have zero complaints about Demar and I would only recommend them to people with integrity, respect and honor.

-Paul T

5 Star Rated


May 26, 2018

Best company and best plumbers, professionals of their job

-Shuh Kasya

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