ELOS Air Duct Cleaning

4.50 out of 5 . Execellent

ELOS Air Duct Cleaning

ELOS (Everybody Loves Our Service, conveniently located in the South San Francisco Bay Area, provides air duct cleaning service, heater and air conditioning services, filter cleaning & replacement, dryer vent cleaning, air duct inspection and repair. ELOS also does thermostat and system upgrades and replacements.

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5 Star Rated


Nov 21, 2018

Had my AC vents cleaned by ELOS. Wayne and the guys were courteous and knowledgeable. He was up front about pricing and walked me through their cleaning process. He also offered some useful advice and options on maintaining my AC unit. Would definitely use ELOS again.

-Chang Z.

5 Star Rated


Oct 24, 2018

Regarding the review that dinged them on abestos-most if not ALL older homes here in California have asbestos around air ducts/heaters etc.Wayne explained how they do not disturb the asbestos and rest assure nothing "friable" will be released into your home. The cleaning is INSIDE the vents. We had a mouse infestation & pest company advised us to clean out air ducts/vents. In our previous house we had one of those bait & switch duct cleaning companies that tried to upsell us everything - deodorizers, toxic cleaners etc. Didn't want to go through a shady company like that again people on Next-door.com swore by ELOS so I called them. They came out & cleaned out all our air ducts/registers. They also discovered a problem with our main register with a cover that didn't fit well so it wasn't allowing air to flow correctly. I told them to go ahead & install a new one and wow, looks so much better! They also cleaned out the dryer vent and they explained how to tell when it's time to clean it out again. I'm very happy with the service from ELOS and highly recommend this ethical, thorough company!

-Jill S.

5 Star Rated


Oct 8, 2018

They were professional, prompt/fast and knowledgeable/helpful. I recommend them. Elos stands for Everybody loves our service. Recommended by our HVAC person, because others do an incomplete/incorrect job that makes HVAC installation problematic.

-Glenn C.

1 Star Rated

Very Poor

Aug 10, 2018

-Sunny Sunhang

5 Star Rated


Jun 26, 2018

Elos came to clean our vents this past weekend and we were extremely impressed with their work. Josh was knowledgeable and walked us through every part of the process. I could tell right away that Josh was passionate about the craft which is very rare these days. I loved that he wiped down the wheels on the machine before he brought it through the house. I cannot recommend their services enough and will be passing their information on to our friends. Great service and team and so knowledgeable! 5 stars for Elos.

-Thuy N.

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