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Eco Systems Heating & Air

At Eco Systems, we believe in providing high-quality HVAC services that will make your home energy-efficient and reduce the costs associated with maintaining it. You can depend on us to provide you with quality installations and repairs.

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5 Star Rated


Dec 6, 2018

Having purchased a new home, our real estate agent gifted us with a home warranty from First American Home Warranty. Within a few weeks of moving in, we realized that (a) the furnace, when turned on, smelled strongly of gas and (b) it did not generate any warmth at all. We filed a claim with First American Home Warranty (FAHW) on 10/20 and....nothing happened. Eventually, we reached out to FAHW and asked if they could get moving on our claim, because our house was. COLD. FAHW replied that Eco Systems Heating and Air has tried to reach us. This was a lie. There is no record of missed calls or voice mails or emails from Eco, they just dropped the ball. Fast forward a bit and we get an appointment with a four hour window (8 am to noon). I stay home from work and wait for the technician...and wait...and wait. The guy shows up at 1:57; which, obviously, is nearly two hours past the close of their generous four hour window. Their guy, without a word of apology or explanation, takes a three-to-five minute look at the furnace, says he ordered a part and will have to come back, and asks for $75. Meanwhile, it's well into November and I still have no heat. I wait...and wait...and call the warranty company yet again to ask when Eco might deign to contact me to schedule an appointment. Eco proceeds to give us a day which doesn't work--remember, they can't provide an appointment time (just a broad window of time which apparently is just a suggestion or an ideal...) so we're talking about missing another day of work. We reschedule. Today, we had a 1-5 window. This time, my husband left work at lunchtime. He waited...until 4pm when we got a text that the technician was en route. Hooray! But by 5 pm no one had showed up. Boo! I called Eco to ask...well, to basically ask what the heck is wrong with them and after a few calls was told our technician had a fender bender on the way and would not be coming. He's okay (I asked; I'm very cold and therefore cranky...not a sociopath) which begs the question of why no one knew he'd been in an accident or why no one thought to call us. They have rescheduled for tomorrow. I think the problem here is that they are really shabby and unskilled at time management and scheduling and communication and customer service; I have no clue as to whether they are good at fixing things. (Digression: I also think this First American Home Warranty may be a scam. I mean, this is clearly not a good business at all and yet this is who they have doing the work for them? I really hope our real estate agent didn't pay a lot for this warranty, and I intend to let him know that he should, in the future, save his money.) Tl/Dr: It has been 46 days and I still have no heat.

-Alice P.

5 Star Rated


Nov 17, 2018

Very bad experience. Their representative Mr. Jose was dishonest to us, he refused even to send service report to Sears Warranty company after taking $100 copay. We could not get other contractor and have to stay in cold home for long time.

-Lev I.

5 Star Rated


Nov 10, 2018

These folks are very patient and efficient. I thought I needed a whole new air conditioner becuase I talked to a few contractors and these guys were the nicest and showed me why I needed to only replace part of the system. Other guys said I needed new air ducts and the price was incredibly high. If I dont need it, I appreciate the honesty.

-J H

5 Star Rated


Nov 9, 2018

Add me to the list of disappointed customers who can't get these guys to show up when they say they will. I've been without a working furnace for a month since I first called my home warranty company. Eco Systems called right away, but couldn't make an appointment for two weeks. They showed up, diagnosed the problem, and then scheduled a follow-up visit for after the part would be delivered to them. I wrote the appointment day and time on my calendar. I got two text confirmations that the appointment was for today (the day I wrote in my calendar). The appointment window came and went, and I called to check the status. They said I was scheduled for Monday and that my confirmation texts must have been a mistake in the system. The refuse to come out today and honor the appointment they committed to, because it's "too far" to drive and get the part. Please do yourself a favor and don't use this company. And if you get assigned them by your warranty company, I suggest asking for another company instead.

-Bryan W.

1 Star Rated

Very Poor

Aug 10, 2018

The technician was great. Our A/c is working again. Their customer service is terrible. They gave us a 4 hour window of time and showed up an hour after that. Based on their reaction when i called, it's clear they regularly over schedule techinicains and don't care.

-Elle Ross

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