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TemperaturePro Houston NW

At TemperaturePro, we’re in business because we’re passionate about your comfort. Since our inception, we’ve been helping our friends and neighbors stay cool and breathe easily, and we take a great deal of pride in our work. We’ve become a leader in our community thanks to the many relationships we’ve built with home and business owners, and those relationships remain a cornerstone of our business.

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Category: duct cleaning

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1 Star Rated

Very Poor

Dec 5, 2018

I worked for this company briefly and made several sales using my own vehicle..It’s been close to a year and I still have not been paid the money that they owe me..This will give you an idea of what you are dealing with..This is a franchise and this review has no reflection of the other Temperature Pro franchises..I hate leaving bad reviews but what kind of companies don’t pay employees what they owe them.The labor board can not do anything about it because it is commission,close to $1000..Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived..God will not be mocked.A man reap what he sows.” Update:They have went out of business ...The owner Andy still owes me money 💰....He is reaping what he sowed .’I was selling great and he chose the wrong person to run his, business and let me and a great tech go to let a ...... run his business .Should have kept me and you would still be in business with money in your pocket ‘...Andy you are reaping brother and if you ever want to pay me the money that you owe me that will be a start of redemption ....Hate it for you Brother but you did it to yourself.. ANDY SCARDINO

-Jackie Baucum

1 Star Rated

Very Poor

Mar 12, 2018

I was given a time window between 8 to 11 am to fix my heater on Friday March 09. I told the scheduling guy that I needed to double check the time & call him back to confirm. But when I called back trying to postponed to 1 pm, he raised his impatient voice complaining that he gets 45 calls a day & I kept change my time. What??? I had never accepted his time window in the 1st place anyway! Then I called at 12:25 pm to check on the status, the same guy told me that the technician was running an hour late, he needed to double check & would call me back in 5 minutes. But he never did. The technician supposed to call me an hour in advance prior to arrival. Nobody called & nobody showed up. I kept calling them all afternoon (6 times b/w 12 pm & 4 pm), nobody picked up nor called me back, even after leaving both voice & texting messages. They are contracted thru Landmark Home Warranty (LM), LM could not get hold of anyone with Temperature Pro either. I called LM & was told that my appointment was cancelled without any notification what so ever. What????? So LM had to reassign the job to RLC Services. What kind of lousy service is this? It's very unprofessional & irresponsible!!!!

-Yan Wen

5 Star Rated


Dec 12, 2017

Great service!! I highly recommend them!!

-Tony Padon

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