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Connect Your Reviews

Connect reviews from various sites like Facebook, Google etc with our site


Create the Widget

Create the widget and customize it to meet the rest of your website.


Start Displaying Reviews

Simply insert your widget code in the website where you want your reviews to be shown.


Reviews From Various Sources

Connect all your business reviews from various sites like Facebook, Google, Yellow pages, Yelp etc and display them all with a single widget.

Mobile Responsive

Our site works very well on every screen resolution and thus can be operated very easily from every mobile.

Wordpress Compatible

Our widget is compatible with WordPress and other CMS’s and is powered by an easy JavaScript code.

Easy to Customize

You can customize your site very easily. You can choose whether you want to show the thumbnails of the reviewers or not. You can also limit the number of reviews and much more.

Up-To-Date Reviews

Our system will check itself for any new reviews posted on other sites and will add them on your widgets. Thus you will always see up-to-date reviews on our site.

Multiple Layouts

You can choose a layout from a wide variety of layouts for your website. From a rotating slider to a multi column grid to a simple list you can choose whatever you like.

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